Why Recreational Communities?
Recreational communities are gateways to treasured public lands, bodies of water, mountain ranges and other areas of environmental and scenic significance. Some of these towns had historical significance as beach heads for natural resource exploration while others were purpose-built resorts. All have made investments in facilities and programs for the arts, medicine, recreation, higher education and transportation. In recent years, these sensitive places have attracted an abundance of city folk seeking escape from the rat race and retreat to a simpler time for family connection and individual renewal. In most cases, the pressures of growth and development have challenged political and business leaders with issues such as affordable housing for locals, public transportation and open space preservation. Thanks to demographic trends, increasing demand for vacations, second homes and retirement retreats will drive the need for an ever-expanding mix of residential and commercial properties, albeit on a smaller scale than in the big cities. These forces create an attractive niche for CedarHouse investment where demand is high, supply is low and success is born from relationships cultivated over decades and a genuine concern for the long-term sustainability of the recreational communities themselves.
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